Adobe Falls

Adobe FallsI finally took the time to check this place out. I went during the Spring 2014 semester. Apparently now, I just recently heard that it is illegal to visit Adobe Falls and you can get in trouble for trespassing if you are caught on the property.

I parked in a neighborhood that was up the hill from Adobe Falls. It’s a little bit of a hike downhill to reach it from where you can park. I didn’t dare go alone; the fact that I’m taking a little stroll into the canyon was a bit sketchy to go by myself. We followed the trail hoping that it would lead us to the spots we saw in the pictures. When we reached the actual place, it was quite astonishing. At first we were at the very top of the waterfall so we could see all the rocks and where all the water streamed down to. It was very beautiful to look at.

As we made our way to the middle and bottom of the waterfall, it gave me the chance to look back and see the actual waterfall. It was a very interesting sight. Adobe falls looks like a place where nature created it but at the same time, there was graffiti on all the rocks. It was like nature met society. Some may consider it vandalism and some may consider it art. I personally didn’t mind the graffiti because I love graffiti, but I was also trying to picture how it would look if all the graffiti disappeared for a day.

waterfall at adobe fallsSurprisingly, there were quite a few other groups exploring the area just like we were. We stayed there for quite a while exploring the area and seeing where the rocks would take us. There was a lot to explore, I don’t think we explored too much because the climbing and jumping on rocks eventually got tiring.

I really enjoyed the environment of Adobe Falls, I see it as a place where people can relax and just hang out with their friends. A little getaway and isolation place from the city. I’m quite sad that I could get into deep trouble if I were to step foot on the property again because I wanted to go back to explore the tunnels around the area to admire the graffiti and photograph that. Maybe one day I’ll return.

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