5 freeway at nightThis is a place that I’ve always wanted to go to shoot. So many times I have seen the photo of the light trails from the cars driving on the freeway and downtown San Diego in the background. But I never really knew where these pictures were being taken.

One night, I was extremely bored at home and decided to try to look where I could get the similar shot. I looked around on Google Maps and found that there was a pedestrian bridge that allowed people to walk over the 5 freeway and it was on the cross street of W Palm St. and India St.

I asked my friend Ed to go with me because I didn’t want to be roaming around at night in an area that I wasn’t familiar with. Plus, it’s not very safe anyways. When we arrived in the area we parked on the street and made our way to the bridge. I was amazed with the view you get when you stand right in the middle of the bridge looking straight over to downtown. To our left we could see the airport and the USS Midway. It was astonishing.

wiredfenceThere was a few others there that were taking pictures as well. The bridge has wired fence wrapped around it, so any pictures we would take would most likely be covered in wired fence once way or another. But as I walked to the section of the bridge where I wanted to take my photo, I conveniently saw that someone actually cut out a square perfect enough to fit your camera lens through. It was obvious it was someone that has been here previously to take photos and I just found it very funny.

Downtown San Diego Taking photos here was very interesting. It took me a while to find a setting that I was happy with because the area gave in so much light from the cars, but I wanted to create a photo that showed the trail of the cars driving. I played around with my camera quite a bit before I came out with a series of photos that I was happy with.