La Jolla Cove

foggy waterLa Jolla cove has always been my go to place when I need to clear my mind. This time when I went, it was pretty busy that day because I went to the cove right before the sun was going to set. I was lucky enough to find a good spot near the rocks as I waited for the sun to set. This gave me a good opportunity to try out different settings that would give me the best results on capturing the sunset.

After the sunset, I went down to the beach area around the cove where there were a lot of rocks. It was pretty isolated so there wasn’t anyone around. I’ve seen pictures the beach where the water looks misty and foggy, so this gave me a great opportunity to try it on my own! I knew it was a long exposure but I wasn’t sure as to how long it should be. I tried a bunch of different settings until I was happy enough with the results in the end.

la jolla cove sunsetocean

big rockA lot of my learning in photography is looking at photos and trying to dissect how they were created. It gives me the chance to plug and play settings until I am happy with a photograph that my camera has captured. I wouldn’t say that I got the best photos I could when I went to La Jolla this one particular day, but I will definitely be coming back soon. I was moreso scared that the waves would pick up as I was trying to take a long exposure and completely drench my camera with salt water.

flowers at la jolla cove