Otay Lakes Graffiti Dam

graffiti dam topA lot of these random places I find by seeing pictures my friends post on social media sights. I have always been a big fan of graffiti so anything with graffiti on it tends to catch my eye. When I saw a photo of this dam with all of the graffiti on it I was determined to find out where it was located.

It didn’t take me very long to figure out where the dam was located. It was south of San Diego down in Otay Lakes. One summer afternoon I drove down there with Bernie to explore the area. There wasn’t an actual parking lot that you could park at so we just parked at the side of the road and followed the walking trail up to the top of the dam.

panorama of graffiti damAt the top of the dam there was a no trespassing sign. Let’s just say we didn’t particularly listen. All I wanted to do was explore the area and admire it. I wanted to get to the other side of the dam, so the only way we could get there is by walking from one side to the other. But this dam is not intended for people to walk on it. We started from the top of one side, had to walk down an incline (huge drop on both sides), climb back up another incline that would lead you to the other side of the dam. At the side of the dam, there was an alleyway that was filled with graffiti. We spent a good amount of time exploring that area, just looking at the graffiti pieces that were there.

graffiti damOverall I think that visiting the Otay Lakes Graffiti Dam was quite the experience. I really enjoyed looking at all the graffiti and the different styles different artists adapt to. I guess it wasn’t the safest idea to walk on the dam knowing that there’s a huge drop on both sides of you but I guess I can call it adventurous? Just another gem hidden in San Diego that not a lot people may know about.

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